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My Second Birthday is an autobiographical book written by Dan Weecks.  This is a factual recount of not just the actual lightning strike itself, but takes readers through the journey in the years following.  After being struck by lightning on July 2nd, 2010 while mountain biking through the Austrian Alps, Dan’s life completely changed.

After being told not to exercise for 2 years, Dan gained an unhealthy amount of weight. Seeing 256 lbs in the rearview mirror motivated Dan to become a certified personal trainer and coach himself to lose over 70 lbs in a year. More incredible than the weight loss itself is Dan’s story since – going from being told he might not survive the night and to stop all exercise to becoming a sponsored athlete, American Ninja Warrior competitor, and TV host with worldwide viewership.

Since the lightning strike, Dan has accomplished the seemingly impossible – working with a Presidential candidate, receiving a commendation from the Secretary of the Air Force, publishing a book about fitness, lecturing internationally, teaching pilots to fly, and directing emergency response teams. Throughout his book, Dan shows that he is no different than his readers, but provides insight into how the strike changed his outlook and approach to life.

In My Second Birthday, Dan discusses his experiences during the strike, shows actual strike burns, witness testimonies, and how his life has transformed. Dan’s electrifying description of the aftermath is sure to keep readers engaged. The book is scheduled to be released in 2024, in both print and digital formats.

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