My Second Birthday

An incredible true story.



My Second Birthday is an autobiography to be authored by TV Host and Entrepreneur Dan Weecks.  The book will be factual and centers around a lightning strike which occurred on July 2nd, 2010.  Dan was riding a bicycle in the Austrian Alps when suddenly an electric storm formed; Dan was struck by lightning directly through both his hands in one incident.

In the book and movie My Second Birthday, Dan will discuss what he felt and experienced during the strike, shows pictures of the actual entry and exit points, and has witness testimonies of the event.  Dan’s description of the ambulance ride, hospital visit, and life since is quite electrifying and is sure to keep you turning the pages.  After being told not to exercise for 2 years, Dan gained and later lost over 60lbs.  More incredible than the strike itself is the story which has unfolded since, in which Dan went from being told he may not survive the night and to stop all physical activity to being a sponsored athlete, American Ninja Warrior, and personal trainer.  Dan currently works as a commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, and has his book Bodybuilding Anywhere published on Amazon.

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